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Studio LA
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Alejandro Paucar Muralista


Alejandro’s artistic work has been a constant exploration of the human figure from its shapes, expressions,and its environment.


In his development as a painter, two significant stages had influenced his work. The audiovisual media learned in his advertising career, applying to his paint scenes with fish-eye lens effects, night-lights and camera movements. Secondly, his painting techniques experimentations learned from masters like Mauricio Morales, Jaime Carmona and Alfredo Araujo Santoyo.


Currently, his work is a combination of elements taken on its journey as a publicist, artist and illustrator.


1998  Galería Arte Autopista - Medellin

1999  Hotel Intercontinental - Costa Rica.

2009  Urban Art- 500 m2  Ciudad del río- Medellín.

2014  EDITA. Punta Umbria, Spain

2014  EDITA. Lisboa. Portugal

2014  PISO 11. Medellin Colombia

2104  Siete Noches Capitales.  Sevilla, Spain

2014  Studio LA. Fort Myers, Florida

2015  Hotel Gallery. Mural fachada de 600 m2 cuadrados aproximadamente. Medellín.

2015  Theme: Medellín se pinta de vida. Comuna 8. Barrio 13 de noviembre. 450 fachadas y 3 murales.

2016  Theme: Ayacucho te quiero mucho. Mural "El Centro Visto con otros Ojos" Location: Edificio "El Invencible".

2017  "Octupus Vivacius" mural 900 m2 approximately. Location: shopping center Viva Barranquilla-colombia

2018  "Celebration" work done in part of the perimeter walls of the liquor factory of Antioquia Medellin Colombia

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